Schweet Day

4 Dec

Evening all!

What a nice day it’s been, just got back from seeing the new Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One, WHAT A FILM!! loved every minute of it!

I’d say the best HP movie so far, cannot wait for the next one. I did however jump like a little girl a few times, this one is definitely a lot darker than the rest, and I am an open Wimp, and proud of it! lol

Surprised myself with how calm I’ve been today, no panic attacks or little moments of fear, think starting this blog last night and reading all the nice comments have really given me a boost.

Had lots of tests today, first off, changing destination due to London tube engineering works, something that would previously be extremely anxiety provoking in the past, it was just a breeze today.

Secondly actually going to the cinema, which was once an enjoyable experience when I was younger, but until recently has been a terrifying task. Being stuck in a room with loads of people where you feel you can’t just leave as people will see you, used to be a horrible thought. Also realising the film was over 2 hours is something that would normally just tip me over the edge, today I just thought “Great!” instead of feeling dread and longing to be home.

However today was different, felt very calm and actually excited to do something I hadn’t done for years, I finally feel like I can start doing all those things I used to do with my friends all those years ago when I felt “normal”.

Probably the first time in a long time I didn’t feel the need to rush home, so I could feel “safe”, I was very comfortable in the company I was with and where I was, shame about the Christmas madness, which if you didn’t realise doesn’t make me anxious, just gets on my friggin’ nerves! I am not a fan of shopping as you can probably tell! hehe

Onwards and upwards I say, let the good times roll!

Karla Palaver

One Response to “Schweet Day”

  1. cl4iret December 11, 2010 at 11:54 pm #

    Apart from the HP bit, you could have been writing about me! Good luck love xxx

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